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Shielding Doors
Shielding Doors

  • Shielding Doors

The Shielding Door is filled with special shielding materials in order to protect devices and human beings from invisible radioactive rays, electromagnetic waves, and magnetic fields. Depending on the purpose of use, the shielding door is categorized into radiation shielding doors installed in X-ray rooms, nuclear medicine rooms, RI(Radioactive Isotope) laboratories or the radioactivity control rooms of industrial facilities, and electromagnetic wave shielding doors installed at magnetic wave shielding compartments protecting medical instruments in hospitals or MRI rooms.

The Radiation Shielding Door is applied in facilities that handle Linear Accelerators or Radioactive Isotope such as nuclear power plants, medical facilities or institutes. Shielding Effectiveness(SE) is calculated in such a way that the radiation dose is less than the legal dose limit and then the proper amount of shielding materials is filled inside the door in order to minimized bombing damages caused by radioactivity.

Gamma rays generate during radioactive decay attenuate exponentially as shielded thickness increase further, and Lead(Pb) of high density is generally effective as shielding materials since gamma rays have a strong transmit power. Our radiation shielding door ensures high purity and density, and we are very strict in selecting of lead plates with excellent corrosion resistance. In addition , the door is equipped with stiffeners preventing sagging, and the frame is installed with lead plates to secure the perfect shielding. When installing lead plates on the frame, the curving parts are bent and welded with accuracy. The lead plate of which the thickness is the same as the one plated on the door shall be installed into the inside of bended frame and it shall be careful to prevent radioactivity leaking.

The electromagnetic wave Shielded Door protects a specific space against RF(Radio Frequency) or Conducted Noise which occurs due to unnecessary electromagnetic waves and hinder strong electromagnetic waves generated from a specific space in being exposed to the outside. The purpose of an electromagnetic wave shielded door is to protect devices or EUT(Equipment Under Test) at hospitals or laboratories from electromagnetic waves after checking the propagation environment of shielded room to be installed.

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