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Blast proof doors
Blast Proof Doors

  • Blast proof doors

The Blast Proof Door is designed to protect human life from any accidental explosions that may occur in petrochemical plants or in industrial manufacturing facilities to offer disaster prevention and protection for main facilities and to manage effectively and control explosions in military experiments at military facilities or at any explosion-prone laboratories.

It functions as a gateway toward the outside, blocking the blast of air and heat generated from air bombing, shelling or explosions as well as protecting from shrapnel damage.

For NBC facilities, the Blast Proof Door must be installed as an access door towards the outside area, where damage may reach the non-harmful region in case of damage sustained from conventional weapons, the first and second external door area connected to a contamination control region, the outside door for entry to the machine room for contamination control and the emergency exit.

The performance unit of the Blast Proof Door is ‘bar’, where 1 bar means the door can withstand the explosion of a 500-lb GP bomb.

We acquired a performance evaluation certification through through tests for Blast Proof Door performance with 40 bars, carried out with the Agency for Defense Development and has designed, manufactured and installed the high-performance Blast Proof Doors that ensure up to 50 bars of explosive loading.
Materials used in making the Blast Proof Door include concrete or steel, but these must be complemented with an explosion-proof performance that can block explosive pressure from outside.

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